TAG Heuer original movement ETA SA 2834-2 Polish Edition Detailed

But also on a detailed movement of the authentic movement, although the movement on the ETA system introduced on the Internet is very much, including myself, has done a complete ETA28 series 36,24,92 related introduction, and ETA77 series 50, 51 introduction, but on the ETA SA 2834-2 movement introduced on the network is very rare, while the Polish version of the 34-2 is almost only in the replica watches uk Swatch brand will see, this movement is Genuine TAG Heuer Calera watches used by the movement, but this movement in the end how, and the other 28 series movement and what is the difference, in this article I will do a detailed reading. In the authentic TAG Heuer in the name of this movement called TAG Heuer CALIBER 5 movement, in the parameter settings are marked, 25 to 26 rubies, where you can share with everyone in the genuine CALIBRE 5 sequence, 25 rubies Of the watch is the use of the ETA 2834-2 / ​​36-2 or ETA 2824-2 and if it is 26 drill, it is the use of the SW movement, since I started in the watch industry has been little movement on the SW Some research, only know that SW accessories difficult to find, in the maintenance of a lot of cost. So have been very careful to use the SW movement. But on which movement is better. This is really the feeling of benevolent see benevolence wise see wisdom. I personally prefer ETA produced movement. At the same time to emphasize that the TAG Heuer is a very diversified brand. The brand is not only engaged in watches, more sales of mobile phones, glasses, leather accessories and so on. So he really is not really a professional watch manufacturer, in short, is more like a group to sell mid-range products for the portal. So this movement of how to do it. Let's take a look. ①: Appearance: In appearance, this rolex replica is used to carry the triangle ETA 2834-2 shock absorber based on the movement in the first layer of splint to do sun pattern Polish, plywood in the second layer and the third layer to do pearl Polish, At the same time in the automatic rudder to do the sun grain twill, which is the official said Geneva lines, here to name it, TAG Heuer automatic watch rudder, not all of the rudder will use the sun grain twill treatment, this in TAG Heuer official website also has "according to the style may be" mark, of course, not as a standard to judge the true and false, I remember previously seen a purchasing, the buyer does not have the sun pattern to the seller returns. TAG Heuer was really hot at that time, the seller for the buyer to return the trouble, the results Buyiburao buyers in the major forums published return records, said sellers selling fake last a super farce caused. ②: Details: Through the details we can see that TAG Heuer CALIBRE 5 movement in essence, and Tudor's 2824-2 movement in essence, there is no difference, while the quality is more and other ETA SA 2834-2 movement is also There is no difference, but in the appearance of doing a very fine article. Making this table the whole grade have improved a lot. summary: Well, I believe that rolex replica after reading this article you TAG Heuer CALIBRE5 movement with a clear understanding of the bar. In my personal view CALIBER5 with ETA & SW movement of durable, and its unique design, making the brand in the mid-range consumer brands still occupy a space for one person. This is the secret of TAG Heuer's success in the world of watches and clocks, and in my eyes TAG Heuer is indeed a mature & smart business company with a wide variety of products coming to a higher or lower level of the same kind Competitive products to do the competition, but also really in line with their own advocates of "fearless challenges of self-achievement," good on the TAG Heuer's authentic movement we say here, thank you for watching