Detailed Longines authentic original movement "L595.2 / ETA2000-1"

Forum and Blog this time, I almost all of the high imitation table common in the movement, as well as part of the movement authentic watch, it seems that women have never explained the mechanical watch movement, with Longines authentic machine Core to open the replica watches uk head, and then slowly started to explain the movement of Ms. mechanical watches common, as well as detailed classification. If you are interested in the original movement of Longines, or want to know ETA 2000-1 movement, and would like to know the movement of Longines on this improvement, then this article will give you some help, This chapter will be divided into two chapters to explain, this one is to explain "L595.2 / ETA2000-1" There is another explanation of the sister movement will be placed on the next issue. Well, first of all to simply mark the parameters of this movement, So Longines movement for this change and where? From the ETA 2000-1, we can see through the simple comparison, the most important change is that the rolex replica rudder and screws, ETA2000-1 original screw for the blue screw, white rudder and engraved with ETA mark, and Longines replaced the screws on the movement, and replace the engraved Longines own brand of automatic rudder. In addition there is no other changes, so if not strict theory, then ETA2000-1 = L595.2, About Applications: This ETA 2000-1-based movement, not only in the use of Longines, OMEGA in the authentic female form, as well as the use of Cartier machinery in the female form is very broad, because its ultra-thin design, the equivalent of Ms. table in the ETA 2892-A2 movement so this movement are mostly used in the high price of replica watches women in the table. summary: The above is on this ETA 2000-1 movement in detail, as well as in the application of knowledge, authentic Longines application is just ETA movement in the authentic watch the tip of the iceberg. In the next article I will explain as much as possible a number of authentic watches in the movement of the things in the application, as well as the appearance of work on the Detailed, so that we understand more difficult to find the real thing online. Hennessy Hennessy V.S.O.P One thing I really like: