Detailed Longines authentic original movement "L592.2 / ETA A201.01

This is the authentic Longines original movement "L595.2 / ETA2000-1" (a) of the companion, this is authentic L595.2 movement for an upgrade, but also in the future genuine Longines machinery will be used in the female form The movement, if you want to know this movement and ETA2000-1 What is the difference, and improvement or you simply want to know L595.2 movement of the replica watches technical parameters, then this article must be helpful to you. Or the old rules, the first popular science about the parameters of this movement, to declare that this movement in the official website of the ETA SA and no detailed description, are non-generic movement, is the Longines brand based on ETA 2000-based A model, of course, it also only used in Longines watches. Thickness: 3.8 mm Diameter: 19.4 mm Number of drills: 22 drill Pendulum frequency: 28800VPH Well look at the following chart. As well as my understanding of this movement. ①: on this movement This movement has not yet officially used in the original Longines swiss replica watches, in my own test, give me the feeling that this movement seems to solve the ETA2000 winding efficiency problems, which belong to the ETA ultra-thin machine Core common problem, whether it is ETA 2892-A2 and ETA 2000, as long as the ultra-thin movement of automatic winding efficiency is generally not high. But this movement in the efficiency of the automatic chain, is still very good, only the rotation of the two laps of the head, both rely on the case of automatic chain winding, can still maintain a stable time, of course, this is my hand this machine Core state, does not mean that all the movement is the case, the specific quality depends on the future response the difference: If you want to ask me what replica watches is the difference between this movement and the ETA 2000, in my view, only two, one is the number of drill bearings increased to 22 drill, there is the appearance of lettering, automatic rudder done to improve, Other aspects, whether it is Polish means, and lines, or the way the calendar jump, and the ETA 2000 are not any different, most parts are also common. summary: Well here to see you believe that this custom Longines "L592.2 / ETA A201.01" with a thorough understanding of it, this article I will send to the local tyrants forum, if you have for this movement What do not understand the place, or where my article is wrong to correct, where you can also discuss, thank you for watching