High imitation in the end is how to copy the imitation of the IWC

This is a high imitation of the industry on the article, but this article is not written for the industry to see the Friends of the business, is written to just contact the high imitation of the table to see the faithful. Many businesses often emphasize 1: 1 to buy genuine contrast to the production, and so on. The truth is that these things, not the production of an excellent high imitation table of the replica watches uk core conditions, after all, tens of thousands of dollars of genuine or even hundreds of thousands of genuine, as opposed to open mold needs thousands of sets of accessories needed funds , Is really a drop in the bucket, so high imitation table where the real cost. How to do more beautiful imitation of the table, open mold is what people are studying. If you are interested in these things, then this article is very worth a visit. Some time ago I Xiangjie a genuine only limited edition of the 20 series of the IW500301 Pilot Series, this watch the truth, it is impossible to get genuine. Even if it is difficult to get second-hand, only through the pictures and past the same style watch re-engraved experience to operate this watch, then in such a harsh conditions, how should we do? Today I take this watch a development experience to explain to you, a high imitation table in the end is how to complete. ①: text data collection Any of a high imitation table, to rolex replica do more like, first of all need the most first-hand technical information, these materials are mostly text-based, including size, basic movement, movement characteristics, and the original design of this table background and characteristics , Only fully comprehend the genuine development of the original intention, can better complete a high imitation table, if their own is only a half-truth on the genuine, only requires looks like, then even the butt even the best parts manufacturers, only futile, make A very Low product, so for the open model, the genuine in the end is what kind of watch, and what kind of characteristics, than most people have even have genuine friends more clearly. ②: picture data collection This is not a genuine reference as a watch, search the entire Internet, and only a few dozens of authentic pictures, the most disturbing is that there is no head picture, therefore, this table head, is The use of past experience of re-engraved pilot, made a number of modifications for the movement, began production and use. In the case of a genuine as a model, the collection of these data can be almost eliminated, you can directly be completely disassembled, in accordance with the details of the appearance of authentic 3D rendering and packaging diagram. Of course, just in case, most of the high imitation table, open mode, will choose to take pictures in the form of the relevant drawings, so regardless of the mold are not genuine, in effect is the same. ③: 3D model of the building For the high imitation table, the original design and almost like genuine watches, have to be completed on the computer, and in the design of these things when there is absolutely no LOGO, 3D drawings are completed, is through the 3D model of the watch Details, such as the details of the back cover, as well as non-LOGO lettering details, and the head details, literally the distance between the scale, and the relevant ratio, all on the computer to complete, and then through the photo than the Yes, to leak fill. ④: Drawing of the assembly drawing After the 3D model is rolex replica watches complete, the model can be dispersed and then the CAD drawings and assembly drawings are drawn and the relevant technical parameters such as thickness, size, detail, material, etc., finally, all relevant After the completion of all, and then shipped to the factory production map corresponding parts. Our hand-packing diagram, involving too many technical parameters, while this performance is still in sales. Here we do not show one by one. If you are interested in this type of article, I will take some of the discontinued high imitation table design, to give you a more comprehensive explanation. summary: See here believe that the production of high imitation table with a detailed understanding of the high imitation table production is not a person holding a genuine, to find a mouth of the so-called manufacturers, and then to! Do exactly the same 3000 how much money, the world is not so simple things. Manufacturing manufacturing industry is not so simple. This need to understand the technical details of the original, to assess the movement, what kind of movement will be better, drawings, drawing, and after the inspection, and docking and manufacturers. As well as the final design and processing of the LOGO, the final installation, and so on. This is an excellent high imitation table of the necessary conditions, or that this is a good watch necessary prerequisites, any link in the middle of a problem, will result in irreparable consequences, when China's open model for people A luminous color a month ran seven countries to confirm the material, if you want to ask, China's high imitation table why only spend 1/10 of the money, you can do 90% and genuine similar, hard-working Chinese people - this Is the reason why China's high imitation table was able to shock the Chinese and foreign important reason. It should be noted that among these people and there is no particular culture of the top students, we are just a group of halfway decent young people, but it is this group of young people, so that high imitation of this piece has been gnawing the previous barren rotten The land, but also reproduce the vitality.