UpDate Omega Omega 8605 Omega Replica Omega

In the engraved OMEGA Cal.8500 and Cal.8602 on the basis of once again on the 85 movement of a Update, added a four-pin GMT function, but this time to improve how to complete it? If you are interested in learning about these things, or if you plan to buy such a high-imitation OMEGA, then this article will help you. This is the most important point of change where, because such an improvement which will appear new, if you are interested in understanding these things, INDEX On the map is to launch a full range of pictures of the rolex replica, will launch a total of 6 using the engraved Omega Cal.8605 movement watch, the following blue tape as an example, to do a detailed interpretation of this table. On the interpretation of this table, I will do the following aspects of detailed, of course, for the necessary detailed part of the shooting I have a lot of photos, to facilitate everyone to read. ①: Case & Waterproof: In the case of the case, by virtue of the current Planet-Ocean series of engraved experience is no longer a problem, and now the best Planet-Ocean carving program to produce, in the mirror, in particular the color of the coating , Has been very mature, while the use of ceramic outer ring, making the whole table texture is very beautiful, more importantly, made an important upgrade in the waterproof, we all know that the 42mm Planet-Ocean waterproof design 45mm Planet-Ocean uses a two-layer waterproof ring design, not only in the back cover has a waterproof ring, in the upper part of the solid circle also has a layer of hidden waterproof ring, 45mm Planet-Ocean -Ocean waterproof design, more like Rolex SEA series, replica watches marked as 600M waterproof 45mm OMEGA, in fact, some modest. Then Planet-Ocean GMT as a 43.5mm a watch in the waterproof ring design, can not be equated to 45mm double-layer waterproof ring design, so this table waterproof ring, a full 0.7mm thick, which In the application of high imitation of the table is very rare. Of course, this design also fully protects this high imitation OMEGA Planet-Ocean GMT watch waterproof effect. The back cover still adhering to the past Planet-Ocean series of engraved experience, imitate all the lettering, and good OMEGA original in the back cover lettering, the font does not have any changes, of course, this is not directly applied to other watches back cover , Because this is a 43.5mm watch case, the other size of the back cover is completely can not be used, it must be re-production. But there is no change in the past engraved has been very good. ③: movement This is the biggest highlight of this rolex replica, which is different from the past, any 85-series movement, this table uses the basis of the movement is the imitation of China's 2836-2 movement, while its support to GMT function Movement, and more importantly, because the use of imitation 2836-2 movement, without the use of Switzerland ETA 2836-2 movement, making this table in the price can have a lot of space, even if the income General table friends can definitely experience this high imitation Planet-Ocean GMT style. summary: Well, I believe to see here, we have this Planet-Ocean GMT has a very in-depth understanding of it, this table is the biggest highlight of engraved engraved movement of the plywood 85 upgrade. While the use of 36-series movement to achieve the characteristics of support GMT function in the waterproof function to do a new upgrade, but also focused on the price of consideration, well, here to thank everyone watching