Hard to Know: Lin teaches you how to trim a watch image

Recently this time has been updating some of the things on the watch, with the stability of the business I have more and more time to share something for you, of course, there are many watches worth to explain and dismantling, but the whole more, I But also feel a little tired, and it seems I like a very low salesman, I will take the time to think of some of my high imitation of the time to learn some of the other places can also use some tips, This blog to share, so that friends engaged in other industries can learn some things, of course, can not read it does not matter, I will try to write easy to understand, detailed and reliable, you can call my colleagues around to read. And then to achieve the same effect, today we share some photos and post-revision techniques First of all, the format will be adjusted when shooting a RAW format, the swiss replica watches specific operation can go to the degree of mother to find, where I do not do too much description, and adjust to RAW format, a map of the suffix name is not JPG format, But the RAW format photos, more convenient to deal with, of course, my camera is Niikon (Nikon) so NEF format, other brands of cameras is the same reason, And then open Photoshop, the establishment of a suitable size of the picture, that is, you finally want the size of the picture, all my pictures on the blog are 1024 * 768 so in accordance with this came. Set up after the original drag directly to the edit box We can see that this is my original shooting, as well as the Raw editor, I feel shooting is not particularly clear, the buckle part of the exposure slightly over, not clear LOGO, and the color also has some distortion, that is, we say Of the color, the background also appears to have a lot of dust, but it does not matter, these can be repaired. I use the three colors of replica watches uk blue, yellow, red marked the three parts I want to modify, respectively, black, brightness, clarity, which I have no fixed value, can be adjusted by their own senses, the principle is to minimize color , So that the picture clear, And then press the OK button, the picture is to enter the editor, but we can find that those like dust, like white hair is still in the picture there. We can through the left side of the toolbar, select the "yellow" mark that tool "box", the box that part of the dust, and then press the keyboard Delete key (that is, the top of the Enter key) And then fill, where we select "black" and then by piece to get rid of the dust part Skilled operation, then, just a few seconds to complete a picture of the modification, the figure is modified only a little bit. This is the success of rolex replica the results, color has been repaired, while OMEGA LOGO is clearly visible, the image of the grade has improved a lot. summary: Well, today's picture to explain here, I will send this article to my forum, if you do not understand the place, you can go to my forum questions, or have other on shooting, repair the table, you can Go to my forums question area, if I would, would be happy to answer.