Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series Cal.3120 movement detailed dismantling

Since the last update on the dismantling of a genuine OMEGA article, there is no updated on the appreciation of the genuine article, and today to update a genuine complete dismantling, this article will be completely disassembled a genuine The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15300, and accessories in the wash oil is completed and then re-installed. In this process, you can see through this article Audemars Piguet Royal Oak all the accessories work, as well as the Swiss real watch company's truth-seeking attitude. I will explain in the article, authentic why will easily tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of replica watches reasons. If you are interested in understanding the authentic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15300, then this article will give you something to gain, The following is this 15300 literally & the complete dismantling of the movement, a total of 278 components, 22K gold automatic rudder, 40 drill design, 8 fine-tuning weight, the whole movement plate rhodium material and Panerai P.3000 An adjustable gossamer fixing machine was used. ①: praise of small parts Through the display of all the accessories, we can find that this Audemars Piguet Cal.3120 all parts have done a very meticulous metal effect, a simple chain box also made a very beautiful sun pattern Polish, gear Polish is Swiss standard movement, and these are manufactured in China, the movement is almost impossible to see. But this performance improvement is not large, may be for the failure rate, it is only just the burr to reduce, and makes the fit between the parts better, which will be the internal movement of the lubricant effect to the best, In the table is very easy to make people feel that this is a no matter from the geometry, or aesthetic can not be critical of the replica watches uk works of art. Rather than a pile of garbage in the assembled up to sell. (At least I have this feeling) a lot of people asked, I started in the past when the entry-level watches, a long time can not understand why the Swiss movement so expensive? Or genuine watches why the price is so high, only to later with the technical proficiency, I gradually realized that these things, authentic watches, each part of the deal to do a high patent protection, and the uniqueness and independence, for parts Its high demand, but also an important reason for expensive expensive. The emergence of these artifacts, originally not for our common "running volume" and the emergence of. ②: This movement design highlights This movement of the wobble frequency of 21600VPH is not the legendary Swiss movement = 28800VPH, while drawing on the Patek Philippe 8 weight without gossamer gossamer design, and ceramic bearings are several highlights of this movement, of course, this is Thousand-level high imitation of the table can not have. At the same time in the date of adjustment, Cal.3120 also made a similar movement as the Rolex 3135 rapid adjustment function. Small defects: We can enlarge this picture to rolex replica MADE as a reference point, look at the 6-point scale, we can note that the 6 o'clock position is a little bit off, I used to not think this is called quality problems, that is, up to a literal manufacturers , Did not put the font is just, since the Forum began to understand the needs of friends altar, I began to understand the importance of symmetry in the clock. installation: The rest of the assembly and high imitation table almost. Test movement, installation literal, install the pointer, paste the waterproof apron, and then set the screw before and after the dead lock, I believe I have seen over the past update the high imitation of his friend should understand the article, AP screws are locked before and after , Authentic is no exception. Place the front screw in a secure position and secure it completely with the rear screw. Here in the dismantling of the time is to be very careful. summary: Well, I believe that through this article, you friends on the authentic table Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, as well as authentic Cal3120 movement has been a thorough understanding of the bar. If you explain the article I do not understand the place, you can go to my forum, the thread in the back questions, I will give you find the original English information, and do a detailed reading. In fact, do not understand AP Cal.3120 movement, I also try to find a lot of information on the Internet, and finally found that the domestic watch industry copy editor, it seems that English will always be only four levels of translation errors do not say , But also very obscure, which is I have been a major headache reasons, well here to thank everyone's watch.